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  • - About Givfunds -


    Givfunds Social Ventures is a trust based in Delhi, India. We lend low-cost loans (0-4% PA) to social enterprises across South/South East Asia in various sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, crafts, and livelihood to empower them to scale and impact many more lives.


    The social enterprises we serve are those in the “pioneer gap”, the missing middle where social enterprises have difficulty gaining access to capital.

    What makes us different is that we lend at scale to many social enterprises across multiple rounds as these social enterprises grow before transitioning them to commercial funding.


    Our work is done through various renowned and established partners across South/South East Asia.

  • - About Giv Lab -

    Giv Lab aspires to build the future of impact investing, by redesigning due diligence that puts Social Enterprises first.


    The question we are trying to solve is:

    How might we reap the benefits of peer-selection at scale?

    We are prototyping by giving out loans to test the effectiveness of the peer-review process.

  • Our Team


    Edward Yee, Singapore

    A misfit, Edward has surfed trains in Bangladesh, got treated to beers by transgender sex workers in Vietnam, and partied with Cartels in Mexico. He has led two Singaporean non-profits while bringing his edtech start-up to profitability within 3 months. Having travelled to visit over a hundred impact organisations globally, Edward is able to give a global perspective of the developmental sector.


    Lee Zhong Han, Singapore

    Zhong Han is a change-maker and innovator that challenges the state of where things are and attempts to shift it to where he thinks things should be. He works with teams to ideate, prototype and execute plausible solutions to nerve-wrecking social and environmental problems. More often than not, he fails spectacularly.

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